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Feeling extra patriotic? There are so many ways to help the movement to increase voter turnout!

The best thing about increasing voter turnout is that it’s a tangible way to improve your community. We’ve collected a few ways you can get involved.

Engage Your Campus with ALL IN

Is your campus currently not an ALL IN campus? To get involved is easy — all we need is some information in our engagement form and our staff will follow up.

Fill Out The Form

Get involved in your institution's Voting Coalition

Information about campus voter coalitions can be found in your institution's democratic engagement action plan. All submitted action plans are visible on the institution’s respective ALL IN website.

Find your campus plan here

Confidently Cast Your Vote

Your Vote Matters and you may have more opportunities to vote than just November of even years! Prepare for your next election and never miss an opportunity to have your voice heard. Sign up for ActiVote election reminders with ALL IN!

Encourage students to make a voting plan using the ALL IN ActiVote resource whether they are registered on campus or at home.

Constitution Day | September 17, 2024

A constitution is a "rule book" for a state or country. Almost 250 years ago, the framers of the Constitution were dealing with a design challenge. How can “government by the people” actually work? The choices they made and the democracy they designed affect many aspects of our lives. This exercise is an opportunity to revisit some of those decisions, take stock of our democracy, and think about how we as citizens might strengthen it today.

As part of your Constitution Day efforts, take our nonpartisan political quiz with ActiVote.

National Voter Registration Day | September 17, 2024

As many as 1 in 4 eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Help us change that by joining in on the country’s largest single-day voter registration drive and organizing a registration event in your community or online on September 17, 2024!

Participate in National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Education Week | October 7-11, 2024

Give voters the tools, information and confidence they need to cast their ballot by helping them find their polling location, understand their ballot, and make a plan to vote.

National Voter Education Week is October 7-11, 2024.

National Voter Education Week

Vote Early Day | October 29, 2024

Most voters can cast their ballot prior to Election Day. Vote Early Day makes that process easier by helping all eligible voters understand their voting options while celebrating the act of voting early.

Vote Early Day

Election Hero Day | November 4, 2024

Celebrate the election administration teams, poll workers, and others around the country who help ensure voters can cast their ballots securely and successfully.

Election Hero Day

Start or Join a Nonpartisan Student Voting Group on Your Campus

Many students have started nonpartisan student groups to educate and organize their peers to be ready for each election. Check with Student Life to see if a group already exists.

To learn more about nonpartisan student voting groups, check out the 2023 ALL IN Nonpartisan Student Voting Group Report

Start a Friend-to-Friend Texting Campaign

Millions of students are registered to vote who don’t cast a ballot for a variety of reasons. Peer-to-Peer texting campaigns can share information, encourage, and remind people to be registered and to vote in each election.

Start a campaign today!

D-I-Y Texting Guide

Virtual Relational Organizing Guide

Sign up with ALL IN to host a Friend-to-Friend Texting Campaign

Standard Registration Process

Registration deadlines vary widely across the states depending on whether registration is completed in person, online, or through the mail. Voting Rights Lab has surveyed the existing key deadlines in the 49 states that require people to register before voting (North Dakota does not), along with the availability of online registration. Learn more about your state regulations by visiting the Voting Rights Lab's analysis of active and pending legislation.

Check out the Voting Rights Lab's Standard Registration Process Information here.

Do an #IDCheck

College students, especially those attending institutions out of their home state, may face challenges in casting a ballot due to voter ID laws.

Do an #IDCheck today with VoteRiders and contact them for free help.

Check ID regulations with VoteRiders here.

Share your voting plan

Share with friends and family your plan to vote on social media.

2024 Student Voting Handbook

Register to Vote

Prepare for Election Day in about 5 minutes

Take the pledge

Make a plan and stay up-to-date on the election

Plan Your Election

Review your state's rules and prepare your ballot