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Want to vote by mail? Here’s how you can get your ballot early.

Avoid the polling place. Vote by mail!

Voting by mail, sometimes called absentee voting, is a way that you can vote before Election Day using a ballot mailed to the address you used to register to vote.


More about Voting by Mail → Check the Rules in Your State →


I forgot to register to vote! What do I do now?

Don’t panic! You may still have time to get your registration in. Deadlines vary by state and can be anywhere from requiring paperwork one month before the election to allowing you to register at the polling place on Election Day.

Rules in your state

I think I’m registered, but I haven’t voted in the last few elections. Should I be worried?

You may need to reregister so you should check your voter registration to make sure you are still registered and you are registered at your current address. If you do not appear as registered, go ahead and reregister!

Check Your Registration

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Prepare for Election Day in about 5 minutes

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Make a plan and stay up-to-date on the election

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Review your state's rules and prepare your ballot