Pledge to Vote in 2024!

Accountability is key. Thank you for making a plan to vote and sticking to it!

By making this pledge, you promise to vote on Election Day.

Studies show that you’re more likely to complete an action if you’ve already made a public commitment to it. That’s why we built this pledge — as a way for you (and your friends and family!) to maintain accountability when it comes to voting.

Not only does voting help your community, but pledging to vote helps your school, too.

School Rankings: Top Pledging Campuses

Which colleges and universities have the highest rate of intended voters on their campuses? Help your school climb the leaderboard by taking the pledge above!

Register to Vote

Prepare for Election Day in about 5 minutes

Take the pledge

Make a plan and stay up-to-date on the election

Plan Your Election

Review your state's rules and prepare your ballot