Plan Your Election

Rules in your State

Although the entire country votes on the same day, each state sets its own rules around voter registration cutoffs, ID requirements, and early voting options. Select your state to learn more about what you can expect.

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Vote by Mail

Voting by mail, sometimes called absentee voting, is a way that you can vote before Election Day using a ballot mailed to the address you used to register to vote.

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Find Your Polling place

Part of planning for Election Day is knowing when and where you’re able to cast your vote. Select your state below to review your polling place’s location, hours, and expectations.

Know where to Vote

Research your ballot

Your ballot won’t be choosing the President in November — but you’ll be voting on other positions and ballot measures that affect your community.

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Register to Vote

Prepare for Election Day in about 5 minutes

Take the pledge

Make a plan and stay up-to-date on the election

Plan Your Election

Review your state's rules and prepare your ballot